PL Security Facility & Management

It’s extremely important for businesses to make sure their customers feel safe and secure when they’re shopping, and today consumers expect a lot more from their experience in shopping centres, supermarkets and retail parks.

PL Security Facility & Management retail security officers have the integrity needed to deal with problems quickly, but the main objectives for our officers are as follows:

  • Protection of life (customers and shop workers).
  • Protection of property and premises.
  • Prevention of loss and waste
  • Prevention of violence and crime.

Our security officers are much more than a visual deterrent; they’re trained to liaise with police and emergency services, whilst we can carry out report training, patrols, the locking and unlocking of premises and other associated tasks.

Each of our retail security officers is polite, professional and highly trained, but we can choose the right person with the right experience for your security needs.

Our customer focused approach has seen us develop relationships with a diverse range of leading retailers – some requiring an entire team.

For further information, get in touch with PL Security Facility & Management Security today, we can then guide you through the relevant options.